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Your showreel is your most important tool to moving up the acting ladder. Whether it’s getting you through the door at an audition or casting session, or assisting you in securing a new agent, the more up-to-date material you have that shows what you can bring to a scene, the more heads you are going to turn.

SPECIAL OFFER – Two Actors for the Price of One

Share the cost of getting a scene created by teaming up with another actor looking for material. This is an offer with limited bookings so please contact asap. 


Self Tape £35

For requested audition or showreel

A professionally lit, 60 minute taping session with director and reader (optional, but included in price).
Recording of as many takes as required.
Relaxed and supportive environment.
A focus on getting the best performance by allowing you to focus on the reading – leave the technical stuff to us.
A copy of the self-tape on the same day, with professional audio and visuals edited on industry-standard software.
Copies can also be sent directly to agents and casting directors if required.
One Showreel Scene £235

For use in showreel

All scenes shot entirely from scratch
Additional scene only £185
Each scene cut up to 1min 50 secs long
Initial phone or skype consultation
Approximately 2.5 – 3 hours shooting time per scene
Locations sourced if necessary
Actors sourced if necessary
Scenes edited and finalised within 7-10 working days and sent in HD via cloud for use on Casting Call Pro, Spotlight etc.
Showreel Editing £99

Using existing footage

Edit and arrangement of your existing footage into a showreel that shows off your best and most varied performances.
Send me your existing footage and we can discuss how you want it edited together.
All post-production elements including titles, sound, transitions and colouring are available and inclusive in the price.
Placement of headshot at the beginning of your showreel is also available and inclusive of price upon request.
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How I work Creating Your Scene

Let’s begin

So, you’ve decided to update your showreel and add some scenes that really show off your talent? But why wait on those filmmakers who have been promising you footage for months, let’s do this together and put you in the spotlight.

Let’s Talk

Through Skype, emails or phone calls, we can collaborate to meet your requirements. What do you want to shoot? How many scenes? Where do you want to shoot it? When do you need it by? I’m fluid and flexible with this process and am happy to write scenes, just as much as I am to direct a script you have either written or chosen.

NOTE: Let’s Keep it original 

I never use the same original script twice. It would look awful should you have a cloned scene that already exists in someone else’s showreel. I deal in originality. Even if the scene is something well-known, we can always find a way to shoot it differently to give it your personal imprint.

Script Development

Through the development process, I will assist you in script development (if necessary), scouting locations, finding actors and managing legal documents such as clearances.

Setting the Scene

Scenes should be kept short. Think of your showreel as you would an advert. Some of the best and most catchy that you see last no longer than a minute. As a rule of thumb, your scene should really be no longer than 1 minute 30 (a page and a half of A4 in script format). Casting agents and directors have an awful lot of showreels to go through – make yours all about quality over quantity.


If you require other actors, again, we are flexible. You can bring along others to help or we can provide additional cast to meet your needs.


Locations can be scouted from anywhere providing there is permission to shoot. You house, flat, street etc. Public spaces that are quiet such as parks and woods are great too. The less outside noise, the easier it is to record clean sound (and less audio work in post, so we can focus on getting the other elements perfected).

The Shoot

Here’s where all the prep work comes together – time to shoot that scene! On the day, we will block and rehearse your showreel scene to find the best shots creatively to tell the story and showcase your acting talent.

The Edit

With our rushes in the bag, I will edit together the material to produce a film-worthy showreel scene. This combined with sound edit and colour grade takes between 5-10 working days.

Your Showreel Scenes

Once complete, you will receive a full-HD digital copy of your scene to upload and start sharing with agents and casting directors.


Self Tapes Impress with a professional video audition

Lights? Camera? wait… I’ve got to do all of this?

Self taping auditions can be a bit of a nightmare. Finding a quiet spot, getting the lighting right, making sure your audio doesn’t sound like you are sharing the room with an asthmatic air conditioner… And that’s all before you even think about the role you’re auditioning for.

Affordable and professional help

Our self taping service allows us to worry about all the technicals and provides you with a quiet and non-distracting space in which to deliver a great self tape audition. Furthermore, I’ll be on hand as a director to offer any assistance and encouragement as or when needed.

You’ll receive your self tape the same day to send off to your agent or casting director in the full knowledge that your focus was where it counts; on your performance.

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