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My name is Paul McGhie, I am a freelance filmmaker, which means I write, direct, edit and even animate corporate films.

My focus is always to take what makes your business unique and translate that into a visual message that helps define you within your marketplace – putting you one step ahead of the competition. 


Corporate Video Give the world a window into your business

From concept to screen, I offer a complete service that gives the world a window into your business and offers an advantage that can’t be matched by other forms of digital delivery. Whether through a marketing campaign, an explainer video for your website, or a social media tool, film and video has the power to introduce you directly to your market and create lasting impact in quite literally, seconds. No other form of advertising has that power quite like video.

Why a Promotional Video?

A key phrase in filmmaking is ‘Show, don’t tell.’ Using professional filmmaking and storytelling skills, allows me to take what makes your company unique (the people, the reason you do what you do, and the product or service you undertake), and show it all through a captivating and informative film.

It’s a cost-effect marketing tool that can be used on all sorts of digital platforms to spread the word about your business.

5 Steps to Your Business Film

1. I research and consult. Distilling your USP into a deliverable message that can then be captured through film. I believe this to be a collaboration, which means involving my clients at every step of the process until production is complete.

2. Script development. Starting with a treatment that describes the story we will tell, I then produce a script draft for your approval. Once we are agreed on the best format for you, we can begin to schedule production.

3. Production – we set up the time and date, securing minimum disruption to your daily business routine. Shooting will take place on location, capturing all the unique elements of your business such as location, product or services and filming related interviews.

4. Editing your footage into a marketable video.

5. Notes and review, before final changes and upload for delivery.

My Experience

As well as making business and short drama films I have worked in procurement for many household names. I understand business and supply chain from a buyers viewpoint and also use my procurement skills to keep costs low during production of your film.

As well as ten years experience as a filmmaker, making corporate films, shorts, and most recently, my debut feature. I also co-run and marketing company. This gives me huge insight into what is required to produce marketing material that will enhance your brand and help to grow your business.


The range of costings on a video can be incredibly variable. However, when you hire me, you get a marketing consultant, a writer, a producer, a director and a editor combined. That will save thousands for starters.

Secondly, I come from the world of low to no budget filmmaking and am very adaptable to shooting videos on a small budget. Whatever you are looking to spend, I am able to provide you with a breakdown of what is possible with what your budget dictates.

Let’s have a conversation about what you are looking to achieve and how we can make that happen.

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